Greedo acteur geeft mening over vernieuwde Solo vs. Greedo schietscène

Eerder deze week maakten we al melding van het feit dat de Star Wars films nu voor het eerst in 4K op Disney+ te zien zijn.

Niet alleen de beeldkwaliteit is verbeterd maar ook is er een scène aangepast: de inmiddels beruchte Solo vs Greedo shootout in A New Hope.

Het Britse filmblad Empire sprak Greedo acteur Paul Blake over deze verandering:

EMPIRE: You said the question you always get from fans is, ‘Who shot first?’ Are you ready for them coming up to you and saying ‘Maclunkey’?

PB: I’m looking forward to that a great deal! I shall say it was Greedo’s last gasp. It’s a Rodian thing. Just before you expire, every Rodian says ‘Maclunkey’. It’s some ancient tradition. I read there’s an interpretation that it means, ‘ma-dong-key’. ‘My donkey’, I think, is another reference to the horse waiting outside the Cantina that Greedo was in.

EMPIRE: The Han and Greedo scene has been tweaked so many times over the years. What do you think the bee in George Lucas’ bonnet is over that scene?

PB: I don’t know. I think it’s just because there’s a big hole in the movie there. That scene where Greedo dies, I’m there in the next scene. George’s explanation for that was very funny, ‘Well, all Rodians looks the same.’ What, they wear the same clothes? ‘Oh yes.’ George has a great sense of humour, so maybe that’s got something to do with it. But also, I think he’s pressurised a lot by people and wants to do the right thing by both the fans and the story. But god knows, your guess is as good as mine.

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