40+ nieuwe afbeeldingen en 3 videos van Rogue One LEGO sets!

Over exact 4 weken is het Rogue Friday, de dag waarop de nieuwe Rogue One merchandise verkocht mag worden. (overigens is het nog onduidelijk of Nederland dan ook alles in de schappen zal hebben liggen of dat we enkele dagen langer moeten wachten).

Hoe dan ook: hieronder heel veel afbeeldingen en videos van de nieuwe LEGO sets! (Die we al eerder hebben geshowd…maar nu mag het officieel!)



75155 Rebel U-wing Fighter:

  • 659 onderdelen
  • €79.99
  • Bistan, Rebel Trooper, U-wing Pilot, Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso
  • Open the cockpit and place the U-Wing Pilot in his seat. Fire up the engines and launch into the sky. Keep a lookout below with the transparent window, and when you spot the enemy, fire the front spring-loaded shooters and stud shooters mounted in the side doors. You can even fold the wings back for a bigger model

14191908_1118739454874876_7963583437654390837_n 14232576_1118739541541534_4352570192178299345_n 14232583_1118739631541525_7608119633677776179_n 14225374_1118739674874854_1564823870386591315_n 14212781_1118739778208177_3915600694225330377_n 14183933_1118739861541502_359935451921586987_n 14117813_1118739914874830_986470906746124664_n 14224819_1118739604874861_7107074453880461755_n

75156 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle:

  • 863 onderdelen
  • €99.99
  • K-2SO, Bodhi Rook, Pao, Director Krennic, Imperial Death Trooper (x2)
  • When a tough transport ship is needed, Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle is the perfect choice. Put him into the pilot seat, open out the thick-armor plating and seat the Death Troopers. Lower the ramp and check the blasters are secured, then arm the spring-loaded shooters and seal the hull for takeoff. Raise the landing skids, lower the wings for flight mode and set off on another dangerous mission!

13625389_1118738598208295_3573316071537628861_n 14212071_1118738864874935_6056053236008878662_n 14202563_1118739021541586_5363188321843170033_n 14192066_1118739121541576_7182243383957445365_n 14183928_1118738911541597_7853988638535338074_n 14199483_1118739164874905_8750275682215343042_n 14212220_1118739364874885_6951314961007079165_n

75154 TIE Striker:

  • 543 onderdelen
  • €69.99
  • Imperial Shoretrooper, Imperial Ground Crew, TIE Pilot, Rebel Trooper
  • Prepare for launch with the amazing TIE Striker, the Empire’s atmospheric patrol fighter! Open the minifigure cockpit from the top or front and put in the TIE Pilot. Help the Imperial ground crew member put supplies in the rear hold and arm the spring-loaded shooters. Then adjust the huge wings and launch into the skies in search of rebels!

14192192_1118739958208159_513142885238956329_n 14232601_1118740008208154_3449236554628680698_n 14117954_1118740421541446_8450950547348671078_n 14095864_1118740494874772_1247599131343302485_n 14232572_1118740348208120_5917369450631719232_n 14233207_1118740154874806_2669762314522282144_n 14141483_1118740058208149_3538356440773586820_n

75153 AT-ST Walker:

  • 449 onderdelen
  • €49.99
  • AT-ST Driver, Rebel Trooper, Baze Malbus
  • Go on the hunt for Baze and the Rebel Trooper aboard the All Terrain Scout Transport. Open the top hatch, load up the AT-ST Driver and move the legs to speed into action. When you’ve tracked them down, turn the wheel to rotate the top and prepare to fire the spring-loaded shooters! Can Baze and the trooper escape the advancing AT-ST? That’s for you to decide…

14184401_1118740621541426_8185161602594430986_n 14117972_1118740738208081_3649914333496298906_n 14184282_1118740911541397_8447795917142611695_n 14203114_1118740858208069_6932694659692899111_n 14232572_1118740934874728_417537439695320197_n14079949_1118740838208071_6806533292165744744_n 14224932_1118740788208076_993925486252619368_n

75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank:

  • 385 onderdelen
  • €39.99
  • Chirrut Îmwe, Imperial Hovertank Pilot (x2)
  • Help Chirrut battle the Imperial Assault Hovertank as it patrols the streets. This tough urban patrol vehicle has a two-minifigure cockpit and a rotating and elevating turret gun with spring-loaded shooters to target enemies of the Empire. And if the rebel forces hide out of sight, open the storage container, grab the blasters and play out your own mini urban battles!

14192107_1118740981541390_2479148984041699679_n 14225443_1118741038208051_8434864873406351826_n 14199703_1118741124874709_2501056237368502872_n 14199623_1118741184874703_2870172387745063198_n 14199752_1118741334874688_3393133446226304626_n 14225569_1118741571541331_1657564274711106691_n 14212722_1118741084874713_3926386412896430273_n


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