In de onderstaande kalender vind je een overzicht van (bijna) alle belangrijke Star Wars gerelateerde data. Publicatiedata van boeken, comics, afleveringen van Disney+ series, evenementen, etc.
Je kunt alles bekijken of zoeken naar een specifiek soort datum. Onder de kalender vind je een legenda ter verduidelijking.
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The High Republic: Temptation of the Force

Auteur: Tessa Gratton Publicatiedatum: 11 juni 2024 Uitgever: Del Rey / Random House Worlds Soort boek: Roman Uitgeversbeschrijving: The reunited Jedi prepare to strike back against the ruthless Nihil in this thrilling sequel to Star Wars: The High Republic: The Eye of Darkness. For over a year, Jedi Masters Avar Kriss and Elzar Mann were kept apart by the Nihil's Stormwall. After Avar makes a daring escape from inside the Occlusion Zone, the star-crossed Jedi are reunited. But while the […]

The Rise and Fall of the Galactic Empire

Auteur: Chris Kempshall Publicatiedatum: 9 juli 2024 Uitgever: DK Soort boek: Naslagwerk Uitgeversbeschrijving: Uncover a history of galactic evil. "So this is how liberty dies—with thunderous applause." —Senator Padmé Amidala When Sheev Palpatine declared the birth of his new Empire, he expected it would stand for thousands of years. Instead, it lasted only 24. This is the story of how a tyrannical regime rose from the ashes of democracy, ruled the galaxy with an iron fist, and then collapsed into […]

The High Republic: The Lightsaber Collection

Publicatiedatum: 27 augustus 2024 Uitgever: Insight Editions Soort boek: Naslagwerk Uitgeversbeschrijving: Discover more than 50 lightsabers from the golden age of the Jedi with this essential guide to the elegant weapons from Star Wars: The High Republic. A follow-up to the bestselling Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection, this exciting volume is a photo-real exploration of High Republic hilts, including several designs that are illustrated for the first time. A must-have resource for fans, this reference book is a fine addition […]

The High Republic: Beware the Nameless

Auteur: Zoraida Córdova Cover artist: Petur Antonsson Publicatiedatum: 27 augustus 2024 Uitgever: Disney-Lucasfilm Press Soort boek: Middle Grade Roman Uitgeversbeschrijving:  

Star Wars: Paper Dolls

Auteur: Publicatiedatum: 3 september 2024 Uitgever: Insight Editions Soort boek: Knutselboek Uitgeversbeschrijving: Play and display a galaxy of uniforms, costumes, gear and more, with punch-out paper dolls of your favorite characters from the Star Wars universe! Featuring 8 illustrated punch-out dolls and a full wardrobe of unique outfits you can mix and match, this interactive activity book brings your favorite characters from galaxy far, far away into your home. 8 CHARACTERS: Includes beautiful paper dolls of beloved characters from the […]

Star Wars: The Secrets of the Clone Troopers

Auteur: Marc Sumerak Publicatiedatum: 10 september 2024 Uitgever: Insight Editions Soort boek: Naslagwerk Uitgeversbeschrijving: Learn the secrets of the clone troopers in this interactive, fully illustrated guide for readers of all ages. Join the ranks of the Galactic Republic in Star Wars: The Secrets of the Clone Troopers. Young fans will uncover thrilling secrets from the history of beloved clone troopers—from Captain Rex to the Bad Batch—all accompanied by incredible artwork and interactive features, including pop-ups, booklets, and lift-the-flap inserts. […]

The Ultimate Cookbook

Auteurs: Jenn Fujikawa Marc Sumerak Publicatiedatum: 10 oktober 2023 Uitgever: Insight Editions Soort boek: Naslagwerk Uitgeversbeschrijving: The most exciting Star Wars cookbook yet has arrived! Discover more than 80 recipes inspired by all corners of the Star Wars galaxy including the Skywalker Saga, novels, comics, and beyond. Following his culinary journeys in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook and Star Wars: The Life Day Cookbook, the galaxy's most adventurous chef Strono "Cookie" Tuggs returns with his […]

Star Wars Icons: Darth Vader

Auteur: Anthony Breznican Publicatiedatum: 5 november 2024 Uitgever: Insight Editions Soort boek: Naslagwerk Uitgeversbeschrijving: No Star Wars character has made a bigger impact on pop culture than Darth Vader. Since debuting in the original 1977 Star Wars film, Darth Vader continues to be one of the most iconic and enduring elements throughout the saga. Star Wars Icons: Darth Vader covers the character’s journey, from his genesis in George Lucas’s first drafts of Star Wars to Anakin Skywalker’s tragic fall to […]

Boeken Alle reguliere leesboeken.
Naslagwerken Alle overige boeken.
Comics Alle losse nummers van de lopende stripreeksen.
Verzamel comics Grotere/verzamel uitgaves zoals trade paperbacks, manga’s, graphic novels etc.
Games Premièredata van Star Wars games.
Films Premièredata van Star Wars films.
Disney+ series Premièredata van afleveringen van Star Wars Disney+ series.
Podcast Data waarop de Nederlandstalige Star Wars podcast live wordt opgenomen.
Evenementen Star Wars gerelateerde evenementen zoals Comic Cons.
Overig Overige belangrijke Star Wars gerelateerde data.
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